Skin Tone Guide

  •  Skin Tone Guide

Did you know regardless of your skin tone, your favourite He-Shi tan will deliver the depth of colour you require with just the one product? Look at the colour of your skin after the first layer has been applied. If you would like a deeper tan, simply apply additional layers until you reach the intensity you’re comfortable with. But remember your tan will become slightly darker over the next 6-8 hours as it develops, so allow for deeper development.


  • Narrow & Minimise (Deepen Colour)
    1 Narrow a wide face by applying near the ears and blend forward
    2 Minimise arm fullness by blending the darker colour
    from back to front of the arms, creating muscle tones
    3 Create a slimmer and firmer leg by adding a layer along
    the back of the leg and calf



  • Highlight & Emphasise (Lighten Colour)
    4 Highlight by applying lighter tones
    to the collarbone, cleavage,
    centre of tummy or centre of back
    to emphasise
    5 A touch of shimmering highlighter
    will create a lean long leg by applying
    down the front of the leg and foot