He-Shi 24/7 Tanning Kit

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He-Shi 24/7 Tanning Kit

This pack includes the He-Shi Hero products, to ensure you look your best 24/7.


He-Shi Express Liquid 300ml

He-Shi Day to Day Gradual Tan 50ml

He-Shi Tanning Mitt


About the products:

HE-SHI EXPRESS LIQUID TAN is a self tanning bronzer which tans on contact giving an instant golden colour which will last up to 7 - 10 days and is quick drying due to its incredibly light, smooth and moisturising texture.

With its 'see where it goes' formula you can be confident of not developing streaks or patches. If desired the liquid can be reapplied for a deeper instant colour. 

Suitable for use all over the body including the facial area. 

Made from 100% natural DHA and is an odourless, paraben and alcohol free formulation.


HE-SHI DAY TO DAY GRADUAL TAN is ideal for gradually building a light bronzed complexion for those with fair to medium skin tones.

Day to Day contains anti-ageing Vitamin E, Aloe Vera and Pro Vitamin B5 for rehydrating your skin whilst including a subtle element of self tan.

This triple action lotion will absorb easily and will even out your natural skin tones or can also be used to maintain an existing tan by topping up your colour between self tan applications.

Suitable for use all over the body including the facial area. 


HE-SHI TANNING MITT is recommended for use to achieve the very best application of He-Shi tanning products. The flocked foam surface of the He-Shi applicator mitt ensures even and flawless coverage and the lotion-proof barrier helps to ensure that hands remain stain-free.


Place hand inside the mitt and pour sufficient tanning lotion/gel/mousse/cream onto the flocked foam surface. 
Using gentle sweeping movements, massage the lotion onto the skin. Repeat if necessary.